Sugar is the new Tobacco

Hey folks, I felt like this would be a good place to share one of my Facebook posts.

“Calories_in – Calories_out is the most important factor which affects weight gain” is a blatant lie being perpetrated by food companies like Coca-Cola through their shameless ads and lobbying.

Irrespective of how much you exercise, it really matters from where you get your calories. X calories from carrots and X calories from coke are processed by your body in vastly different ways. Most of the coke calories end up getting converted into your tummy but that’s not true for the carrot calories.

Fun fact: If you drink coke without the added phosphoric acid it contains, you will vomit immediately due to it’s insane sugar concentration.

In the 1960’s, tobacco was marketed exactly the same way coke is being marketed these days. You could see ads of famous actors endorsing tobacco, advertising boards everywhere, canteens selling them etc etc……

It’s just a matter of time(hopefully) before the widespread effects of coke(processed foods) became public knowledge and we see ‘WARNING! this food causes type II diabetes’ on food packets similar to cigarette pack warnings.

You would see ads in movie theatres where a future Mr. Mukesh would be lying on a hospital bed as a 20 year old obese guy about to die due to type 2 diabetes telling you that coke was responsible for his death.

Here’s the youtube link to the video which enlightened me regarding this issue.


Climate Change!!

I watched this amazing documentary on Climate change called ‘Before the Flood’ narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio. If you haven’t watched it yet, I urge you to do it now!!

So, after watching the documentary I’ve been thinking of ways in which I can change my own lifestyle so that I can decrease my carbon footprint. I’ll keep adding to this list as I get more ideas:

  1. Try to make use of the day time as much as possible over night time. This will reduce my electricity consumption.
  2. From now on, I will print stuff only when absolutely required, like assignment submissions or other things where I need to submit hard copies.
  3. Carbon emissions of Beef >> Chicken >> Vegetables. I don’t eat beef anyway and where I live it’s not even available for consumption thanks to Hinduism absolutely shunning the killing of cows. But I do eat chicken and mutton. I lived as a vegetarian(consumed milk products and eggs) for 3 years(till April 2016) and gave up on vegetarianism when I lived in Singapore because it’s NOT easy to get decent vegetarian meals in Singapore. You have to invest additional time and energy for that  and I wasn’t really interested in doing that. So, I started eating meat again after I lived in Singapore and then I continued doing that after I came back to India as well.I’ll go back to my vegetarianism now and continue doing that till I feel that I would need to invest too much time and energy to maintain this diet.