Reading journal/conference proceedings vs Arxiv articles

This is a note to my future self. I realised today(not exactly today… but, felt it more strongly today) that if I wanted to understand a paper which was already published in some journal/conference, it is better to first read the conference/journal version over the arxiv version. Although it is true that the arxiv version is unbounded  and yada yada yada, it is a fact that the published version has better explanations and also shows which parts of the paper are ‘more’ important.

This realisation dawned on me as I was reading the article ‘Characterization of Binary Constraint System Games’ by Cleve and Mittal. In the 3rd page of the arxiv version, I couldn’t understand why the ‘c’ condition was correct and but when I read the same sentence in the published version, I saw an explanation for that in brackets immediately following the sentence!! Aaaahhh. I resolve today that from now on, I will read the published version before the arxiv version (if both are available).