Yesterday, I watched the movie ‘Surya: Son of Krishnan’. It struck a chord with me and reminded me of the fact that I am mortal. We are all supposed to die.

I remembered one line said by our philosophy professor: “To philosophise is to learn how to die”

Death: This is one feeling we should all be always aware of. Remembering that our life on this planet is finite is a very powerful feeling. We should try to live everyday like it could be the last day of our lives. This is infact true, today could be the last day of my life. And this statement holds true for every day. But this again brings me to a very important and valid question: “What should I do? (or) What am I supposed to do with this life?”

I feel the ‘anguish’ described by Jean-Paul Sartre. ‘Man feels anguish. Man is anguish’.

I also recently watched the video ‘Hawking 2013’ on youtube. Stephen Hawking practically faced the situation everyday for more than half his living lifetime. He felt it much more dramatically than most other people because, externally it looked like he was much more closer to death than all of us. He took ‘advancing humanity in understanding the nature of the cosmos’ as the ‘purpose’ of his life and put all his life and blood into it. This feels like an apparently noble goal but in the end, the question again comes up “What do we get out of going deeper into the nature of the universe where every step only increases the complexity of nature but doesn’t simplify it”.