Philosophy of Life

I often thought about the question ‘Why do I live?’ when I was in my 11th and 12th grade and tried asking some people older to me. I did not get any satisfactory response from anybody I knew. I went through the grind for the JEE and then after coming to IIT Kanpur, I still wasn’t satisfied with life in general because I felt that I had a *missing* part somewhere. This was at the beginning of my stay at IITK.

Now, I am in my 4th semester and can say confidently that I have gone through a roller coaster ride as far as my philosophical thoughts are concerned.

In the process, I have read several books and gone through several experiences which have definitely changed the way I look at the world fundamentally. I was completely in the grasp of the  ‘cult of Krishna’ at IITK headed by Prof. Laxmidhar Behera for around 6 months and could only get out of the cult primarily due to the intense efforts of my brother.

In the journey, I changed from being a person who didn’t care about religion to a very devout Hare Krishna cult member to a hardcore atheist. I guess the radical transformations have a lot to do with my present age. The journey was pretty exciting and I would be very interested to narrate it some other day 🙂