JEE: The Great Indian Dream

I cleared the JEE in 2014 with an All India Rank of 189 and am presently studying in IIT Kanpur majoring in Computer Science. Personally, I feel that the JEE is a huge economic loss on the part of my country. More than 1.4 million people appear for the JEE mains. In order to get through this HUGE cut-throat competition, many students struggle day and night to understand concepts like Integral Calculus and Motion of Rotating Bodies which may be of absolutely no significance in their life after they are done with their under-graduate studies.

An important thing I came to realise after *cracking* the JEE( as many call it), is that what is most often told to 17 year old kids in India: “Crack the JEE and then your life is settled. You never need to study or work hard again in your life after this.” is false.